Brent Filson's The Leadership Talk

    The Leadership Talk
         Finally, a way to become
         The leader your organization needs ...
         The leader your boss demands ...
         The leader your team wants ...
         The leader you always wanted to be!   

What is the Leadership Talk?  

Simply put, it can be the most effective mechanism for achieving outstanding results you'll ever use -- or need.  

But to use it properly, you must understand it thoroughly.

And the first thing to understand is that you employ the Leadership Talk in lieu of a presentation.  

Presentations format and communicate information; but in terms of your leadership impact, the Talk does something much more:  It not only communicates information, but it establishes deep, motivational relationships with people so they are inspired to act for great results.

Here are the stakes:  As a leader, you do nothing more important than get results.  And one of the main ways you get results is talk.  You talk 15 and more times a day to individuals and groups.  When your talking (and listening) interactions are accomplished less in presentation-ways and more in Leadership Talk ways, the effectiveness of your leadership is dramatically increased.

How Can I Learn To Develop
And Deliver Leadership Talks?

There are two ways:  

1)  You can purchase my book, The Leadership: The Greatest Leadership Tool  (And if choose, its companion, 101 Ways To Give Great Leadership Talks.) on Amazon.  

In this book, I leverage decades of my experience to bring you the methodologies that have been used successfully by leaders at General Electric, AT&T, IBM, Merck, Sears Roebuck, NASA, The United Nations, and many more.

Keep in mind: These methodologies are just as relevant whether you're leading a global Fortune 500 company or a 10-person manufacturing operation.

You'll discover not only what's important about motivating people to get results, but precisely how to motivate people and keep them motivated day in and day out for ongoing success — the stuff great companies and legendary careers are built on.

These Are Not Your Grandfather's and even your Father's Leadership Methods

Let's get real. The motivational methods that worked before simply do not work anymore. Why?

Globalization, raging competition, and dizzing advances in technology have changed everything you may have been taught years ago about leadership — and so must you if you want to achieve continually great results.

The Leadership Talk gives you the practical, straightforward ideas you need to address the monumental shift in the minds of today's employees and managers.

2)  You can participate in one of my seminars.  Depending on one's needs and how one is inclined to delve deeply into the material, the Leadership Talk seminars last from one-half day to a full day to two-days.  In some cases, there is a follow-up day given after participants develop and deliver Leadership Talks on-the-job for some 35-days.      

Chances are you've been struggling with underperformance and indifference at your company for some time now.

Maybe you thought it would work itself out.

Maybe you were hoping you'd wake up one morning with the perfect, creative solution that would reverse the tide of stagnation and discontent you face every day.

Then you really woke up — to the realization that if anything is going to change at your company, you need to take bold, decisive action right away.

But where should you begin? The problem seems so huge, almost insurmountable. You don't know whom to trust. You don't even know if you can trust your own judgment.

Are you really up to the task? What IS the task exactly? And is this the beginning or end to what you'd always dreamed would be an illustrious career?

Well, stop wondering what your next steps should be and start envisioning all of the opportunities, profits, and sense of accomplishment you stand to gain.

The Leadership Talk Books

The Way to Leadership Greatness

Thousands of leaders from all over the globe in every size organization in every type of market have revolutionized the way they think about leadership and are reaping the rewards from my Leadership Talk System.

You can too.

You may have already decided that the Leadership Talk method makes sense for you, but you're under the gun. You can't devote the time it takes to read and absorb all of the information I provide through my Leadership System.

Your days and nights are full trying to keep your ship from sinking.

Or perhaps you're already practicing the Leadership Talk and seeing the results. But, how can you maintain momentum and train even more potential cause leaders for fast results continually?

One-Day Action Plan Leadership Talk Session

It's an intense immersion into the methodologies that will have you returning to your offices reinvigorated and equipped to initiate a bold, new beginning for your company — and your career.

Are you ready to shake up the status quo and generate positive results fast? Guaranteed? Register for my next workshop.

Look, I know there are plenty of leadership training options out there. Some from prestigious business schools, others from leadership institutes (even Disney's getting into the act), and dozens of "leadership gurus."

I didn't develop my methods in an academic ivory tower, and they aren't a simple rehash of out-of-date leadership dogma.

The Leadership Talk System is a brand new way of thinking about how you lead today that can provide a unique, total solution for your organization.

You can create that solution in one day. Not two semesters, four weeks, or even one week — in one day, perfect for the busy executive who can't afford time away from the office.

We cut right to the heart of what you need to know about Leadership Talks, and you'll walk out of my workshop with a tangible Action Plan in hand that you can implement the very next morning.

What's more, my seminar is the only leadership development experience that actually guarantees results.

You won't find that offer from any other leadership training company or coach. That's how confident I am that my methods will work for you — or your money back. No questions asked.

And another thing: You'll learn about Leadership Talks directly from me — not someone else I've trained or subcontractors I've hired.

That means you'll learn these methods from the same person who has developed them and successfully taught them to thousands of the world's top leaders; people who've paid a fortune for this advice.

You'll pay a fraction of the cost for virtually the same experience and the same opportunity for results!

Do you want to acquire the know-how to turn your company around after just one day of working with the expert?

In all of the years I've been conducting my Leadership Talk workshops, no one has ever requested their money back.

In fact, I continue to run into former participants in airports, hotel lobbies, and conferences who eagerly share their Leadership Talk success stories with me.

I'm so confident you'll have the same experience that I'm offering this unprecedented guarantee:
You will achieve at least $50,000 in results from my Leadership Talk workshop, or I'll refund your entire workshop fee.

I guarantee:

• Results will come in a specific length of time.
• Results will transcend current performance levels.
• Results can only be achieved using Leadership Talks.

• Results will be measurable, validated, and used as a springboard for even more results.
• Results will be translated into money earned.